Choose the correct choice for each of the following.

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(1) 2069+3758+26=

(2) 9,723-4,364=

(3)836 divide by 4=

(4)What are the next two terms in the series:2,5,4,7,___, ____

(5)Which of the following are multiples of 9?

(6)What is the place value of the five (5) in the number 546?

(7)The arrangement of the numbers 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th would be

(8)What is the total of 60; 244 and 1222?

(9)Round off 8109 to the nearest ten

(10) Another way of writing 9407 is

(11) Any number that has two or more factor is a/an

(12)Find the product of 281 x 4

(13)1,3,9,27,81 are factors of

(14) How many hundreds make up one thousand?

(15)A school has 108 students. Some of them went on a trip. If 36 students didn't go, how many went?

(16) A girl leaves her home at 6:45 am to go school. She arrives at 7:05 am. How long did she take ?

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