The Truth about Primary Exit Profile (PEP) Examination in Jamaica.

Practice makes perfect. Hard work brings success.

The Primary Exit Profile exam is a new exam which was taken by the grade 6 students this year March 2019, and June 18-21, 2019 for the grade 5 students. The PEP (Primary Exit Profile is an exit exam for grade 6 students.

This is a critically exam which requires a lot of critical and high level thinking.
To be successful in this exam, student needs to read alot and have real life experiences about the topic or exam. Students are required to use real experiences to solve problem.

Students who do not like to read will have a serious problem with the exam.
This PEP (Primary Exit Profile Exam) consists of a lot of reading in all the subject area. Students will need to read more to improve their comprehension and reading skills and as well as application skills.

PEP consists of three key parts, a Performance Task,an Ability Test and a Curriculum Based Test:

  • The Performance Task (PT) consists of real life scenarios that will require students to apply their knowledge and skills from the following subject areas: Mathematics, Science, Language Arts, and Social Studies. The PT will be administered in grades 4, 5 and 6. It will be administered by the classroom teacher at school.

  • The Ability Test requires students to read analytically and use quantitative reasoning skills in responding to items. It will NOT be based on the curriculum.

  • The Curriculum Based Test (CBT) will assess grade 6 content only, in the areas of Mathematics, Science, Social Studies and Language Arts. This test will consist of multiple choice items along with other item types. The CBT will be given near to the end of Grade 6.

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