Free Science Quiz Practice for Children and Adults

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1. Energy can be defined as:

2. Which set shows simple machines

3. An example of fuel is ? .

4.All machines_____________.

5.All of the following are sources of energy EXCEPT _____________.

6. Which of the following form of energy is incorrectly matched to its source?.

7. Which of these is used as a lever ?

8. The main source of earth energy is .

9. Energy of motion is .

9. Energy of motion is .

10.What is the name given to the amount of energy used to measure food .

11.Carbohydrates,fats, proteins, vitamins, and minerals are called .

12. Goitre is cause by the lack of .

13.The blanket of air surrounding the earth is .

14.The root of the plant is very important it performs several functions EXCEPT: .

15.The electricity produced in water is called .

16.Which of the following is the best conductor of heat?

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