Spelling Quiz for Primary and Elementary students

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These words that are underlined spelt incorrectly,you must enter the correct spellings for the words. You must spell the correct

word using common letters.
(1)The boy did not feed the kat.

(2)The girl woke up late for shool.

(3) Ryan leaves his game at his frend house.

(4) The boy had lost his lunch muney at school.

(5) The story is abuot Cinderella house.

(6) The students did not get the infomacion correct.

(7) The children ran to the bus stop toogther.

(8) Who is respansuble for the fire at the house.

(9) The boy did not make his carection in class.

(10) After high school some students go on to further their edicasion.

(11)The girl made a disition to took the bus instead of a taxi.

(12)It is inportan for children and adults to learn at school.

(13) Joelle likes the taste of huniy that is made from bees.

(14) The students says their teacher car looks atractive.

(15) The boy saw a crocodile in his bakyard.

(16)The boy fell off the tree and frakcher his hands.

(17) The boy was late for his football torniment house.

(18) Is it necesary to carry water to school.

(19) Your cousin birthday is in febuarey house.

(20) A buscher is a person who may slaughter animals.

Unscramble these letters to make words.











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