Text Feature Definitions and Examples for Primary Exit Profile Students

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Quickly tells the reader what information they will learn about.
Table of contents
Shows students the different chapter or section titles and where they are located.
Directs students where to go in the text to find specific information on a topic, word, or person
Identifies important vocabulary words for students and gives their definitions.
Help the reader identify the main idea for that section of text.
Are set apart from the main text,usually located on the side or bottom of the page) and elaborate on
Show an important object or idea from the text.
Labeled diagrams
Allow readers to see detailed depictions of an object from the text with labels that teach the important component.
Charts and Graphs
Represent and show data related to, or eloborate on, something in the main body of text.
Help a reader locate a place in the world that is related to text.
Cuteways and
cross sections
Allow readers to see inside something by dissolving part of a wall or to see all the layers of an object
Can show either a faraway view of something or a close-up shot of minute detail.