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The Effects of Online School

Online schooling for children can be effective or non effective base on students determination, discipline or accessibility to devices.

For online school to be effective for students who are working online at home, they need to be discipline, determine and hardworking. Even if the child parents are not at home, they still need to have the passion to complete the work, just as if they were at the school with a teacher.

Some children or parents who are not fond of using technology devices will find a hard time adjusting to the online class. Some parents who are not able to use technology efficiently will have a difficult time helping their younger children.

Online school will not be effective if the child is not discipline and determine to learn . If online line school to be successful for students who are not discipline and not determine they need to have parents and guardians who are continuing monitoring them. However students needs to have access to devices at all time whether they own it or not to complete the online class. Students also needs to have access to internet all the time.

Read the passage and answer the following questions.

(1) What is the main idea?.

Online schooling for children can be effective or non effective

The importance of using name brand devices.
We don`t need internet devices for online school.
Why online school is important.

(2)What type of child will best benefit from online class?

an indiscipline child
an ignorant child
a determine child

lazy child

(3) Who is responsible for a child to complete work at home?

parents or guardian

a baby

(4)Choose one disadvatage of online class.

You are in a more safe environment at home than school.

You like using technology in education.

Children don't get to socialise and play with friends at school.

You don't have to worry getting injured while playing at school.

(5)Choose support if the statement is supported in the essay or not support if it is not .

Students need to have internet access for online class
not support support

(6)Students does not need anyone at home to help them with online class.

support not support

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